Mission Tanzanie

Premier contact

Thank you Charles !!!!!!!!!!
Without your contribution, our project would have been hopeless !

Charles is our Tanzanian contact. And I want to say that he’s the most helpful person we have ever talked with since the begining of our project. Thus, Charles, you definietly belong to our team !

Charles, faithfully, gave us day after day a lot of information about accommodation, transportation, Tanzanian way of life, and even about Tanzanian weather…but the most significant thing, he gave us our first NGO’s contact !!

Indeed, we are corresponding with Ezekiel Seleman, employee of a Tanzanian orphanage in Mwanza, in order to plan the work we will fulfil in July.

It seems that the most important goal for his orphanage, today, is to build a place devoted to the children (51), because, right now, the children must live at the gardians’ place.

So, we are looking for funds to help them.

  1. tanzaniafair écrit:

    Thank you for all Charles!

    Citer | Posté 4 avril, 2010, 12:14

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